Everything is done in the better way, thanks to the expert work of our artisans. The double layer of paint, the double layer of hollow tiles, the natural refractory fireclay made entirely in the factory in Anagni (Rome), the special steel suitable for high temperatures with 18.5% of chromium and nickel free; the ceramic glass heat resistant up to 800°C/1.472°F and the combustion chamber up to 1.000°C/1.832°F.

ForninoxTM patented technology combines the excellent physical properties of the steel fashioned wood cooking on the brick. The casing of the steel structure is specially designed to ensure the appropriate resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses due to the high temperatures reached.

FornirefTM technology comes from a careful selection of raw materials altaqualità. Alfa Pizza Lab has formulated a particular mixture composed of micro and macro elements that confer high mechanical strength, improve the toughness and ensure the durability in time.

Alfa Pizza has realized for the first ovens withDST(2), semispherical dome assembled block. This technology causes the inside of the combustion chamber there is a perfectly homogeneous surface that enables a greater fluid air. L ‘irradiation product so the dome gives a warming of the floor 4 times higher than the standard market.

A new way of thinking the oven

The true innovation of Alfa 1977 is a particular design of the products with a great choice of shapes and colors never seen before. It makes Alfa Living ovens really special and suitable for use in locations not possible before.

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